64% of Viewers Want to Watch
The World Cup in the Metaverse


  • 25% of World Cup viewers would like an AR/VR experience.

  • FIFA filed a metaverse-integrated trademark application for its 2026 World Cup.


As with any other World Cup, only a lucky few can see it live. Not everybody can afford the time and money to actually go to Qatar and sit in the stands. But this year, you can at least come close.

BanklessTimes.com research has shown that World Cup viewers are aware of the possibility of integrating AR/VR technologies, as well as the metaverse, with the Cup itself. These technologies are closing the gap between watching the Cup on TV, and actually being in the stands.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of BanklessTimes.com has this to say:

“FIFA is listening to its fans, and is taking the right move to push the company, and the world of football, in the right direction. Its connection to Roblox is the first step, which seems to be leading to its 2026 patent and a deeper integration into the metaverse.”

FIFA Dips Its Toes in the Metaverse

Every World Cup viewer wants to be there, right in the stadium. And while that is only an option for some, people are aware of the new alternatives technology can bring.

When asked about a new experience they would like, 64% of World Cup viewers in the UK, and 62% of US viewers, expressed an interest in using the metaverse. They want something a bit more interactive than simply watching it through a screen.

It seems FIFA has listened to its viewers and has offered a solution. The football association has  launched a metaverse ecosystem within Roblox for people to have a more immersive experience. They will be able to interact with other fans, hang out in the same (virtual) places and bars, as well as play various games.

This system could also attract some of Roblox’s 30 million daily player base who might not usually be interested in football.

Now, it needs to be said that this Roblox-based platform is only the beginning for FIFA’s dive into the metaverse. The football association already filed a patent for 2026, to create their own immersive experience with a metaverse, with cryptocurrency exchanges, virtual stock trading, and more. Instead of having the World Cup hosted by Roblox in the metaverse, this will be their own system.

Experiencing the World Cup in a New Way

Furthermore, the metaverse isn’t the only new way people can experience the World Cup. Namely, 27% of UK viewers, and 30% of US viewers, would like to see a 360-degree live video of the game. And another 25% (UK), and 24% (US), want to have an AR/VR experience.

While not the same as interacting within the metaverse, 360 video and AR/VR are interesting ways to experience a football match. Nothing beats being in the stands yourself, of course, but you can at least get some part of the atmosphere through these devices.

With special cameras set up around the stadium, you can have control over what you see. You can change the angle, zoom in, and get the freedom to focus on the aspects of the game you are interested in, not what the camera operators decide.

FIFA is trying to keep up with the times, and moving forward, step by step, toward the future. Viewers, on the other hand, get to experience something they wouldn’t have been able to experience before. Only time will tell how well FIFA will integrate its viewers into the metaverse.