AR Thriller ‘ASSET 15’ Starring Amandla Stenberg Now Available on iOS and Android

30 Ninjas launched ASSET 15, an augmented reality (AR) thriller for mobile devices, created by 30 Ninjas’ partners director-producer Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith), Julina Tatlock and Jed Weintrob. Developed in partnership with Verizon, ASSET 15 features cutting-edge immersive augmented reality mobile gameplay and photorealistic 3D holograms to envelope players into the story of two sisters, Flux and Petra, whose lives are changed when Petra falls into a mysterious coma after being exposed to an experimental new technology, and her hacktivist sister Flux is the only one who can save her. ASSET 15 is free to play, and now available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

“When we developed the concept for ASSET 15, we endeavored to create a completely new type of thriller, leveraging the latest AR technology to truly immerse players into the story,” said Doug Liman, founder, 30 Ninjas. “We’re incredibly proud of what we created, and we look forward to seeing players move through the story within their everyday surroundings.”

In ASSET 15, players follow Flux, played by Amandla Sternberg, over five thrilling chapters as she uncovers the secrets behind the experimental AI technology that puts her sister into a coma. Flux’s sister, Petra, served as a high-powered executive for Helios, a tech unicorn developing transcranial MR glasses codenamed “ASSET 15.” While the glasses allow users to upload their memories to Helios’ cloud platform, the nascent technology also causes damage no one quite understands.

Players will help save Petra by working with Flux to hack her mind, navigate her memories and connect her thoughts through solving increasingly mind-bending 3D AR puzzles. Petra’s shattered memories float, broken and disconnected, around players’ surroundings in augmented reality, and players must reconstruct the scenes to solve the mystery.

In ASSET 15, players will experience “Room-Scale Augmented Reality,” as they use their mobile devices to unlock and solve challenging puzzles constructed as part of the game’s compelling storyline. 30 Ninjas created ASSET 15 by using volumetric video hologram technology to film the game’s talented cast and bring them to life in front of players’ eyes.

“As creators and storytellers, we always strive to build narratives that allow players to ‘lose’ themselves within the experience,” said Julina Tatlock, Founder and CEO, 30 Ninjas. “In ASSET 15, we have created an experience that not only merges the real, physical world with the virtual experience of interacting with the characters as 3D holograms, it allows players to feel a greater emotional connection with the characters. This is just the beginning of how we see storytelling evolving in entertainment, and we think that it holds a lot of promise and creative possibilities.”

ASSET 15 is produced by 30 Ninjas. The game is executive produced by Julina Tatlock, Jed Weintrob and Doug Liman, and produced by Tony Hernandez. ASSET 15 is developed in association with France-based studio, Novelab. Volumetric holograms are produced by Metastage.

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