Editor’s Note/Update May 5, 2021:

Audio Trip currently has 18 songs, with more to come soon and has a growing community who are using the in-VR editor to make more choreos for their own use.

Each song is choreographed, and the environment hand-crafted by two developers for Audio Trip so that the environments respond and match the pacing of each individual song even if they may share the same theme (eg. The 3 songs in the Get Funky update share the same disco ball environment, but overall, the environment still changes to match different song sections).


Audio Trip (Oculus Quest) Review
Penelope Papadimitriou &
Donna Mayo

Developer: Kinemotik Studios
Publisher: Andromeda Entertainment
Platforms: Quest
Genre: Art/Creativity, Music, Sports
Price: $19.99


We recently had the opportunity to try out the famous Oculus Quest VR headset and out of all the games that we tried , one really got us sweating. Audio Trip. Oculus Quest is the upcoming console in VR and gaming. Endless possibilities and options for the player to choose from to play. Oculus allows its players to step into a new world of gaming. Especially now with the pandemic going on, millions of people were forced to stay in their households with their technology and VR still remains a comparatively niche area of gaming. Multiple genres of games are included in the Oculus Quest such as Creed, FitXR, Beat Saber, etc.

The specific game we will be reviewing is none other than “Audio Trip”. It is like Just Dance, but way better. This game is a full exercise. Playing rhythm video games adds spice to your life and what better way to exercise while at home. To be honest, when me and my coworker first interacted with Audio Trip, we looked at each other and said “Great, another boring dance game”, but little did we know that it would be a very entertaining experience. We both find dance games pretty unappealing since neither of us have any rhythm, but fortunate enough knowing the specific songs, we gave it a try and actually this opportunity eliminated our doubt.

First opening the game, you are welcomed with a broad selection of songs to choose from, ranging in genres. With songs like ‘Addicted to A Memory’ by Zedd, ‘Just Dance’ by Lady Gaga, or ‘Satisfaction’ by Benny Benassi, to name a few. Once you’ve found your perfect song, it’s time to pick the difficulty level: beginner, regular, and expert. There is a hand-holding tutorial to teach the player a game’s main gameplay mechanic, however in Audio Trip these are presented to you in a more lightweight way. My co-worker and I stayed in the first two for the significance of the time. We found those stages not too easy, though not too difficult either. However, if you are looking for a challenge, the “expert” level is the one for you. Be ready to jump into the rhythm right after clicking the button to lock in your decisions. No matter the difficulty you choose, you will be breaking a sweat, no doubt, in a few minutes.

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Visuals 3/5: The visuals were clear and easy to read, but the graphics for the songs were all the same. Each piece had the same color boxes to hit. It would be nice for each song to have a little change in visuals.

Playability 5/5: Audio Trip is easy to pick up on, and there is even a guide during the song when you’re just starting. Everything is clear from the start, from picking your song to once the beat drops. Never leaving their customers confused about what’s happening.

Song Selection 3/5: Their song selection is moderate; but there are not many. After a little while, you find yourself out of new songs, where it starts to become repetitive.

Replay Value 3/5: Even though there is a limited selection of music, you’ll still find yourself going back to the game for a higher score. However, you may space it out because of the repetitiveness of the songs.

Overall Score 3.5/5: Looking at the game as a whole and all its components, we would give it a 3.5 out of 5-star rating. We found the game quite enjoyable as a whole, but we do have some recommendations for Audio Trip. We would love to see a vaster selection of songs to choose from, more than their ten. Looking past song selection, Audio Trip is still a solid game choice on the Oculus. It is one of those games that you will find yourself keep going back to because you were having that good of a time.