Get Moving with Cybershoes for Oculus Quest, Kickstarter Now Live

Cybershoes, the world’s first accessory for walking and running in VR, today launched their Kickstarter campaign for the first ever wireless version of its product for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 platform. This follows prior successful campaigns on Kickstarter (2018) and Indiegogo (2019) in support of its original product for PC-tethered headsets, which was honored by the CES Innovation Awards earlier this year.

The feet attachments translate real-world movement into in-game locomotion, letting Quest gamers walk, run, and jump in their favorite titles. Backers can choose from a variety of reward tiers to support the product vision, secure the first wave of units in 2021, and help drive further native game integrations. Also available is the individual wireless receiver for those who already own the original Cybershoes and would like to upgrade for Quest. Support the campaign now by visiting

“We’re thrilled to finally bring wireless locomotion capabilities to the Oculus Quest and Quest 2,” said Michael Bieglmayer, CEO of Cybershoes. “Combining the technology of the Oculus Quest with the capabilities of Cybershoes delivers an immersive, full body, active experience that we’re confident VR gamers will truly appreciate.”

Backers can choose from the following initial reward tiers:

Pledge $1 or more: Join the Cyberbuddies: Backers receive a “Thank You Cyberbuddy” digital poster in high-resolution and exclusive updates!

Pledge $49 or more: Receiver for Oculus Quest: Backers receive the “CyQuest” receiver. For those who already have Cybershoes and just need the Oculus Quest connector.

Pledge $60 or more: ESports Jersey: Backers receive a customized VR ESports jersey with their name, VR Master League and Cybershoes tags.

Pledge $279 or more: Early Bird Reward: Backers receive the full Cybershoes for Quest kit: Cybershoes, Cyberchair, “CyQuest” receiver, Cybercarpet and USB Charger + Cables. Limited quantity available!

Pledge $299 or more: Arizona Sunshine + Cybershoes Bundle: Everything included in the Early Bird Reward PLUS Arizona Sunshine, the first game with native Cybershoes integration!

Throughout the campaign, Cybershoes will add more reward tiers as funding milestones are hit. These may include newly integrated games to be bundled with Cybershoes, and others.

Cybershoes for Quest simply straps to your feet and connects wirelessly via the CyQuest Bluetooth receiver, translating your natural movement to in-game locomotion for an active gaming experience, which can also help reduce motion sickness. With natively integrated games, like Arizona Sunshine in partnership with Vertigo Games, setup is as easy as strapping on Cybershoes, booting up the headset, and selecting the in-game Cybershoes locomotion option. Additional games – like The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – have also been tested to work well with Cybershoes, though not natively integrated. More information regarding legacy compatibility is available on the Kickstarter campaign page.

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