Is This The Future of Haptics?

Is This The Future of Haptics?

Xenoma Inc. announced today the launch of their e-skin Developer’s Kit for Feb. 1, 2017. This will be the company’s first release of a smart motion and gesture tracking shirt for content developers to create a new generation in user experiences from virtual reality games to personalized fitness and health.

The product uniquely combines functionality and usability in a 14-sensor smart shirt that can monitor a user’s motion while remaining comfortable, durable and machine washable. The core technologies behind the e-skin apparel are the company’s stretchable electronics integrated with textiles which fluidly conform to the user’s body movements while remaining well insulated against sweat.

“We are excited to make this announcement and believe that launching the Developer’s Kit will enable new, creative applications that are not possible with other wearable technologies” said James Eakin, Chief Marketing Officer and, Director of U.S. Operations for Xenoma.

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The e-skin Hub is a centralized controller on the shirt which transmits information to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC via Bluetooth. The detachable hub contains an accelerometer and gyroscope, with a Micro USB port for re-charging.

The e-skin software development kit (SDK) supports app development on both Windows and Android devices using the Unity game development engine. Also included in the Developer’s Kit are sample APIs for common movements and gestures like running, jumping, punching, etc.

Xenoma Inc., a spin-out from the University of Tokyo in 2015, and has offices in Tokyo (Japan) and Worcester, MA (USA).