MyMetaStories: An Innovative Online Festival
Young European Cinema in the Spotlight From October 6 to 29, 2023

Unifrance is offering a new cinematic experience to Internet users worldwide with MyMetaStories. This innovative festival will showcase young European cinema online, from October 6 to 29, 2023.

A fresh initiative backed by Unifrance and supported by the European Commission’s Creative Europe program, MyMetaStories is a unique festival of European films (shorts and features), offering a dual digital experience.

On the one hand, on traditional digital platforms, on the festival platform (where films will be available with subtitles in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese), as well as on some twenty partner VOD platforms, both global and local.

MyMetaStories is reinventing the cinematic experience by broadcasting films for the first time in Minecraft® Click to Tweet

Secondly, in the metaverse within the Minecraft® video game, where festival-goers can enjoy the MyMetaStories experience in a universe dedicated to European cinema, created especially for the occasion and accessible in English, French and Spanish: never-before-seen screenings in the first virtual cinema deployed in Minecraft®, mini-games based on the films in the selection, and encounters between young cinephiles and gamers from all over the world.

A singular project, MyMetaStories is reinventing the cinematic experience by broadcasting films for the first time in Minecraft®, the video game with the world’s largest community of players. This experiment will take place in Minecraft® from October 13 to 16, 2023.

For twenty-four days, Internet users will be able to discover a selection of twenty films (seven features and thirteen shorts) that illustrate the tremendous richness and diversity of European cinema. Comedy, romance, drama, thriller, science fiction and animated films… there’s something for everyone.

The full program will be revealed on September 26 from Paris.

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