Phiar Launches Private Beta for AR Driving Navigation App

Phiar Launches Private Beta for AR Driving Navigation App that Makes It Safer and Easier to Get to Your Destination

Phiar Technologies, an emerging leader in AI-powered Augmented Reality navigation for driving, today announced the private beta for its consumer-facing app. Powered by artificial intelligence, the app enhances driving safety, facilitates more intuitive wayfinding and connects drivers with their surrounding environments through intuitive visuals and an easy-to-follow augmented reality path. The private beta is currently available for iPhone 7 or later and will be available for Android later in 2020.

Everyday drivers are invited to apply for access to the private beta program, which officially starts the first week of February.

Chen-Ping Yu, Founder and CEO of Phiar Technologies, said: “Our AI-powered AR navigation app will provide drivers with a highly intuitive navigation experience. Phiar app users will no longer have to read and understand a 2D map, they can just quickly glance and know where to go due to visual direction information displayed. The app does this by efficiently analyzing the surroundings and determining the best AR overlays, taking into account road, light, weather, objects present, and more.”

During the private beta, Phiar app users will have access to innovative turn-by-turn AR navigation for driving, which is enabled by the ultra-lightweight AI components of Phiar’s system for Lane Segmentation, Semantic Segmentation and 3D localization. These three technology pillars enable an accurate and intuitive 3D experience that frees users from reading 2D maps while driving. The app will also bring safety warnings and other advanced features in subsequent releases.

Additional key features available in the private beta include:

  • Powerful Search: search by address, and place name
  • View swapping: swapping between AR view and traditional map view
  • Traffic: maps with live traffic overlays

Nasser Iravani, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Phiar Technologies, said, “Our differentiation is in ultra-lightweight AI running on the edge, combined with advanced computer vision and AR navigation capabilities. Currently, we’re the only solution in the market running highly advanced AI on the edge for AR navigation use cases, which is ideal for both consumer apps and also automotive integration scenarios that we’re also exploring as well.”

To learn more about the Phiar closed beta program, please visit