TwinUp Launches Real-World
Metaverse Software for Architects

TwinUp™, a new software application designed specifically for the architectural community, has officially launched. Based in Frisco, Texas TwinUp is founded and developed by a team of architects, entrepreneurs, and AI experts, TwinUp offers architects a single platform for creating, managing, optimizing, and presenting their 3D design models and project images.

With TwinUp, architects can design better buildings more efficiently and showcase their work to the world. The platform is powered by an AI-driven personal assistant—‘Arch-e™’—who processes vast amounts of data in real-time to transform the design process from beginning to end, helping architects get more done in less time and with less effort.

The TwinUp software suite includes three seamlessly integrated apps: TwinUp Community™, TwinUp Building™, and TwinUp World™.

TwinUp Community™ is a free virtual design portfolio and social media platform just for architects. Users upload, enhance, organize, and share images and videos of their design work with private groups and the larger architectural community at their choosing. Professional users upgrade to TwinUp Pro for $19 per month (early bird pricing) and gain access to the TwinUp 3D Metaverse™, including TwinUp Building™ and TwinUp World™.

TwinUp Building™ is a 3D Digital Twin maker app that helps Architects convert their 3D models (BIM, et. al.) into Digital Twin models. TwinUp Building’s™ powerful visualization features and simulation capabilities allow users to render, enrich, analyze, optimize, present, and share their Digital Twin models with peers and clients.

TwinUp World™ is a 3D virtual Digital Twin model of the earth whereupon users can place their 3D project models for analysis, enhancement, rendering, and presentation in their proper local site context. Developed by Dr. Prasanta Bose, former Lockheed Martin Principal Scientist and Director of Data Science at Starbucks, TwinUp World offers advanced navigation tools, data layers, rendering tools, multi-party collaboration interfaces, and simulation features. An App Store of plug-in modules adds a selection of advanced ML-based design simulation capabilities, from simple daylight studies to more complex carbon emissions simulations for single and multiple buildings.

TwinUp Community is slated to launch early this summer (2023), and TwinUp World is expected to launch later this fall (2023). The TwinUp Beta Program is currently accepting applications from practicing architects. For more information about the TwinUp Beta Program, architects interested in participating are invited to attend the next TwinUp Beta Program webinar on April 21. Click here to register.

TwinUp Chief Growth Officer and co-founder Michael Jansen said, “Architects are the most natural builders and users of the Metaverse in the world, and therefore, we selected the world’s architects to be our first users. As we mature, we will expand to welcome engineers, interior designers, planners, facilities managers, property managers, REITS, infrastructure operators, and others to join the TwinUp Community all around the world.”

Dr. Prasanta Bose, CTO and co-founder, commented, “The TwinUp platform features a domain-specific and personalized co-pilot called Arch-e. Powered by AI and ML technologies, Arch-e helps Architects leverage data innovatively and efficiently to achieve very specific design goals like never before.”

Jon David “JC” Cunningham, COO-CFO and co-founder, added, “We are excited and proud to offer a first-of-its-kind unified collaborative design platform to the architectural community that architects everywhere can use throughout their entire careers, from student days onwards.”



TwinUp is a real-world Metaverse software application custom designed for the architectural community. The platform enables architects to create, manage, optimize, and present their 3D design models and 2D project images in one place. Powered by an AI-driven personal assistant, TwinUp helps architects design better buildings more efficiently and showcase their work to the world.