VRgineers and R3DT Announce VR Convenient Package for Industrial Production Planning and Review with Leap Motion Hand Tracking

VRgineers and R3DT Announce VR Convenient Package for Industrial Production Planning and Review with Leap Motion Hand Tracking

VRgineers, a leading developer and manufacturer of enterprise-grade VR solutions, and R3DT, a VR software provider for virtual prototyping, today announced a partnership that will enable the two companies to deliver a convenient hardware and software package for industrial engineers that need to plan for and review their production processes.

The XTAL VR system from VRgineers is known in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries for its ability to deliver lifelike picture quality over a peripheral vision-filling 170-degree field-of-view. Integrated with Leap Motion technology, it allows users to seamlessly control the virtual environment and interact with objects. The quality visuals and precise hand tracking capabilities make XTAL an ideal VR system for R3DT’s virtual prototyping software for industrial engineers.

“Virtual prototypes, unlike physical ones, are easy-to-use and inexpensive,” said Achim Schneider, co-founder and managing director of R3DT. “XTAL is a great tool that brings the benefits of visual clarity and wide FOV to our clients, thus making our user-friendly VR tool even more convenient.”

“Smart companies use resources wisely: VR shortens time-to-market because it makes it possible for companies to design, test and make changes fast and effectively, while allowing experts to maximize their productivity. XTAL is a perfect fit for a variety of enterprise/industrial applications, including what R3DT is doing,” said Marek Polčák, co-founder and CEO of VRgineers.

Seamless control of the virtual environment and interaction with objects is enabled through the integration of Leap Motion, which recently joined forces with Ultrahaptics. Hand tracking is essential to the future of VR. VRgineers is pushing the envelope of what’s possible in VR image quality and fidelity.  Embedding the Leap Motion controller and software adds a new dimension of immersion and realism to the overall experience.

Alex Driskill-Smith, President, North America at Ultrahaptics, said: “We are happy to support the collaboration between VRgineers and R3DT, and supply them with the latest and most accurate hand tracking technology Leap Motion has ever offered. We have worked closely with VRgineers since 2017 and are looking forward to being part of their future VR projects.”

As a part of the partnership, current XTAL customers will get a special discount for all R3DT licenses in VRgineers partner´s network.