Fully Immersive Mixed Reality Digital Art Experience, The Unreal Garden, Goes Live on October 8th in San Francisco 

Fully Immersive Mixed Reality Digital Art Experience, The Unreal Garden,
Goes Live on October 8th in San Francisco

Onedome, the immersive media company, is stepping into the experiential space with one of the first-ever consumer multiuser true mixed reality experiences, The Unreal Garden, planned to open to the public on October 19th with a soft opening on October 8th. Hosted in San Francisco, The Unreal Garden is a unique interactive digital art experience integrating four layers of reality – the physical, spatial sound, 2D/3D projection mapping and augmented reality.With an eye on building community and conversation throughout the exhibit, Onedome is using Microsoft HoloLens as its device partner to project the experience, allowing participants to interact and share the experience.

The Unreal Garden merges multiple layers of perception in a mind-blowing, innovative first that has the art coming to life around the guests as they move around the pieces, into the pieces and through each piece. Guests will be able to interact with the individual art pieces, as well as the flora and fauna that live in The Unreal Garden.The Unreal Garden adds augmented reality, projection mapping and soundscapes, to a physical space comprising waterfall, a stream, pond and hobbit house, with all layers working together to immerse attendees in a fantastical otherworld that brings you closer to the magic of reality. The indoor garden consists of both real and imagined plants, trees and boulders, rock paths and small-scale habitations.

“With The Unreal Garden, we are updating the art gallery experience for the 21st century to make it feel more open and welcoming to everyone, not just classic art aficionados,” said Onedome Chief Strategy Officer Leila Amirsadeghi. “We intend to bring people closer to the magic of reality and wish to see our guests in the breathless excitement when wonder, awe, and joy collide. We hope that they will feel inspired, connected and eager to share the experience with friends and family.”

Artists and animators are able to express themselves in new and exciting ways from anywhere in the world using Enklu, an AR storytelling platform, which blurs the lines between shared experience and content creation. Built around the theme of “Life Unrestrained,” a notion that life can take on infinite forms, with infinite shapes and colors, The Unreal Garden features never before seen work of a visionary group of boundary-pushing world-class artists, including digital painter Android Jones, artist John Park, sculptor Jasmine Pradissitto, abstract artist Andy Thomas, collaborative conceptual art duo Shuster + Moseley, imaginative zoology artist Scott Musgrove, artist Werc, interactive artist Ray Kallmeyer, and art director, motion designer and concept designer Vladislav Solovjov.

Guests will be able to view art in ways never-before-imagined and walk away with photos mixing the real and unreal to capture an amazing moment. The on-site Tilt Brush lounge and Elixart Cafe are open to the public to spend time in this extraordinary space, try some herbal-infused snacks and mocktails, and create original virtual artwork.

Located at 1025 Market St., The Unreal Garden tickets will be available on September 24th for early access to the experience and can be purchased online at www.onedome.global. The Unreal Garden’s soft opening will be taking place October 8th – 17th, with tickets for those dates available at a discount. Tickets purchased for entrance into the The Unreal Garden after October 17th will range in price from $22 to $37 each, based on chosen date and time.

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