PREDICTED: Which Countries Will Produce
the Highest Earning Gamers in 2020?

  • 90 of the top 500 eSports gamers of 2020 so far are from the USA
  • Brazilian gamers will earn the most by the end of 2020 – an average estimated $112,656.56 each!
  • Denmark takes second place, with an average estimated total of $108,927.78 per gamer
  • Renowned for their skill in online gaming, China only place in eighth – gamers will earn $79,292.96 on average

eSports has become incredibly popular in recent years, with many taking advantage of the recent lockdown to hone their skills and successes further.

Interested in eSports earnings, analyzed data from the top 500 gamers* so far in 2020 to discover how much they have won, estimate how much they could win by the end of 2020, and interestingly reveal which countries produce the most stars!

While the USA has the most entries in the top 500 this year (90), Brazil is predicted to have the highest earning competitors by the end of the year. 29 of the 500 competitors have so far raked in a whopping $1,633,520.12, which means each gamer will earn an average of $112,656.56 each before 2021.

In second place, Denmark’s 25 competitors have large successes so far and are set for salaries of $108,927.78 before 2021.

Third place is claimed by the USA, with gamers potentially winning $90,118.98 each in competitions before the year is out.

Fourth, fifth and sixth place go to Canada, Germany and Russia – gamers will win $87,312.49, $87,195.19 and $82,544.68 respectively.

Although renowned for their skills in gaming, China and South Korea surprisingly place eighth and ninth – based on success to date, gamers will earn just $79,292.96 and $71,256.20 each on average. That’s still better than most other jobs though!

Spotlight on the top 10 gamers this year (2020) also wanted to hone in on the specific players making waves so far this year. Consult the table below to see who has earned the most from esports competitions in 2020:

Country Player ID/Player name Earnings so far 2020 ($)
1 Brazil PVDDR/Paulo Damo da Rosa 300,000
2 Norway DrNykterstein/Sven Magnus Carlsen 219,170.48
3 Canada Canadian/Troy Jaroslawski 210,000
4 USA Bosco/Dylan Bosco 210,000
5 USA Rampy/Nathanial Duvall 210,000
6 USA Thinkingnade/Javier Escamila 210,000
7 USA Fultz/Alec Fultz 210,000
8 South Korea Rogue/Lee, Byung Ryul 156,603.20
9 Portugal Marcio Carvalho/Marcio Carvalho 150,000
10 USA FabianoCaruana/Fabiano Caruana 140,642.86



Using, the top 500 players in 2020 so far were used for analysis. The number of players representing each country was counted, and the total prize money earned so far noted. Using this the estimated total prize money earned by the end of 2020 was calculated, and then divided by the number of players in that country to reveal the estimated money earned per player.

Earnings and calculations are accurate as of 08/07/20