VRJAM Launches VR Music Venue 5th Dimension

Immersive software developer VRJAM has unveiled details of an exciting, groundbreaking new project that will see live music events created inside VR worlds and streamed live on Twitch for music fans across the globe.

VRJAM is launching 5th Dimension, a virtual reality music venue and Twitch channel that offers artists and fans new possibilities for the experience of virtual live events.

Using VRJAM’s proprietary technology, artist’s performances are streamed to Twitch from inside VR, combining stunning 3D graphics, special effects and lighting with live streamed shows to create a new format for virtual live events.

On 19th March, 5th Dimension hosted a next level live streamed event for leading electronic music label, Axtone Records entitled ‘Axtone In 5D’. This momentous event demonstrated the potential of the new format offered by 5th Dimension, creating 483,071 live views in just 6 hours. The event reached 385,660 unique viewers and peaked at 31,000 concurrent viewers.

5th Dimension’s unique take on live streamed content has proven extremely sticky with Twitch users. Despite only launching in early March, 5th Dimension chalked up an impressive 1.2 million live stream views in its first 4 weeks, dwarfing the audiences created by almost every other music channel on Twitch.

'performances are streamed to Twitch from inside VR, combining stunning 3D graphics, special effects and lighting with live streamed shows... ' Click to Tweet

Other partners involved in the 5th Dimension project include industry leading publication DJ Mag, and global recording facilities giant Pirate Studios, both of whom are presenting their own curated monthly events within 5th Dimension’s broadcast schedule.

In the coming months VR JAM will make its beta virtual reality app available to consumers for the first time. This technology will empower Twitch users to ‘step inside’ the live content they’re watching on Twitch using a headset, desktop app or mobile phone, enabling fans to have an immersive, social experience of events published on Twitch in real time. In this way VRJAM aims to transform the role of audiences, enabling audience members to become participants in the content they’re watching online rather than just spectators.

“We’re incredibly excited to be launching 5th Dimension and to be working with such a great selection of artists and partners on creating a new format for live streamed virtual events. Real time CG music content has proven to be extremely sticky with music audiences and 5th Dimension aims to fill the space that exists between gaming and music by leveraging triple A gaming technology, virtual reality and live music shows to redefine virtual live events.”

Sam Speaight, CEO, VR JAM


“Over the last 12 months, we’ve been experimenting with various formats of live streaming on different platforms but we were impressed with the VR Lost Horizon festival that VRJAM had worked on with Glastonbury’s Shangri-La team. Like the rest of the industry, we are looking forward to the return of in-person events but we see virtual events as here to stay and VR JAM and Twitch are the perfect partners to grow within this area. We were blown away by both numbers and engagement on the first event and are excited about showcasing our new and established talent as part of our monthly residency.”

Simon Hills, Label Manager, Axtone Records