Finch Technologies Unveils Finchring™
A First-Of-Its-Kind Wearable That Finally Brings Intuitive, Hands-Free Gesture Control to Mixed Reality


  • Today at MWC, Finch Technologies unveiled FinchRing, and a technology partnership with Nreal.
  • FinchRing is a first-of-its-kind wearable that brings intuitive, hands-free gesture control for
  • mixed reality on AR and MR headsets and other platforms including laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Through their partnership, FinchRing gives game-changing functionality to the Nreal Light mixed reality glasses, which are winning the race to affordable mixed reality for a mainstream audience.

What It Means:

  • Unlike more expensive big-name AR and MR devices, that can only track gestures and hand movements in a limited, front-facing, field of vision, FinchRing gives you limitless, fluid 360- degree and 3D movement with patented IMU technology, whether you’re reaching behind you while throwing a virtual baseball or moving virtual objects outside your field of view.
  • Unlike many mixed reality controllers, FinchRing works inside, outside and in any lighting or weather conditions.
  • FinchRing does all this in combination with traditional touchpad, force sensor and haptic feedback – without the bulk and restrictions of larger, more traditional XR handheld controllers.
  • Developers will now have the chance to create unrestricted XR experiences for a mainstream audience.

From The CEO:
“Natural 360-degree movement in mixed reality has been one of the major challenges holding back the mainstream XR market and is something developers and consumers alike have been waiting for,” says Gary Yamamoto, CEO of Finch Technologies. “At Finch, we combine the best proprietary 3D tracking technology, devices and software solutions to create natural user interactions for mixed reality, with no break in action or motion, so the promise of mixed reality for both consumers and enterprise can be fully realized. We can’t wait to see what developers create with our hands-free FinchRing controller.”

Hands-On Demos:
Mobile World Congress Summit in Shanghai, February 23-25, FinchRing is available by appointment only for hands-on demos in the Nreal booth #N2 – B01. For more information contact