When Kansas Comes To Silicon Valley…Cue The Banjos

When Kansas Comes To Silicon Valley…Cue The Banjos
By Michele Janssens

“Hey, I’ve got a barn! Let’s put on a show!”

Ok, that’s not exactly how it went, but it’s not too far off. Instead of a barn, we have a “creation” lab in the basement. And in lieu of a vaudeville act, we have a savvy scientist and a saucy speech language pathologist solving problems in sweats to a background of MSNBC, bad words, and worse jokes.

As we have approached in our wagon, we have seen the fork in our path for many a moon. There would come a day when we would have to choose to divest ourselves of any comfort, security, and routine, in order to fulfill a calling, to breathe fresh perspective into the face of science, technology, and industry. Our motto would have to shift away from “what happens in the basement, stays in the basement.”

[Tweet “”So, Corey started researching prices and peddling firearms.””]

Judgement day came in January of 2016, when Corey (aforementioned savvy scientist) received word from Microsoft that he was approved to purchase an early developer edition of the Microsoft HoloLens. For $3,000. We had been waiting for the right opportunity to enter a commercial space, one that we could afford to pursue, in order to build a research and development entity and necessary connections for Corey’s other ideas, concepts, and products, which we could not yet afford to pursue. Turns out virtual and augmented reality software development was going to be our initial foray into the business world, and we had no idea what we were going to do in this arena to bring value to this market.

[Tweet “”Solving problems in sweats to a background of MSNBC, bad words, and worse jokes.””]

“Trust me, I will know it when I see it,” Corey assured me. And I did trust him. Partially because he can build speakers with swim trunks and an ice cream bucket, and hovercrafts with old vacuums and trash bags, and partially because he began selling our belongings. Mainly guns. We were once an upstanding, gun free, liberal home, but had gradually become the unwilling recipients of tons of guns from every relative who passed on to that great NRA in the sky. So, Corey started researching prices and peddling firearms.

By the time he had raised around $5,000, I knew he was serious. He ordered his HoloLens, and it may have just been in Corey’s head, but I recall it arriving to the sound of distant trumpets. He slipped it onto his head like a jeweled crown, and began exploring the far reaches of augmented reality, which looked very similar to Mr. Miyagi catching flies to an outside observer. After a few minutes, he removed the HoloLens and looked at it quizzically. “All of the streaming media is in 2D,” he said with disgust. “That’s it. I am going to make it ALL 3D.”

“Do you know how you are going to do it?” I asked.

“Not yet.” He replied.

Feeling confident with that response, and neither one of us having any experience with virtual or augmented reality, software development, or 3D technology, we gathered up our retirement savings to incorporate our company and developed our first commercial product … 3D software for virtual and augmented reality.

And now, after little ado and even less fanfare, Janssens Dynamic announces its first offering, VoyeuR VR, now available for download on the HTC Vive.  VoyeuR VR is a 2D to 3D projection converter that uses a patent pending process, coined “Biological 3D Vision,” to convert all 2D media viewed through an AR/VR headset into high quality, comfortable to watch 3D… in real time. This makes our 3D conversion process compatible with streaming media also, pending licensing. The end user app will soon be available for user owned media 2D to 3D conversions on any VR/AR device. Next up, Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

VoyeuR software will entirely change the way media is produced, distributed, and consumed. We are fortunate to have talented developers who have recently joined us in our mission to bring “Biological 3D Vision” to virtual and augmented reality and a growing community of connections and users whose input and feedback is beyond value.

We are irreverent. We are irrepressible. We are so grateful to be a part of building the future.

We are Janssens Dynamic. Welcome to our barn. Enjoy the show.

Michele Janssens is the CEO and Co-Founder of Janssens Dynamic.